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Online Learning Center with PowerWeb
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how instructors use it
Each site includes a secured Instructor Edition that stores your essential course materials to save you prep time before class. With just a couple clicks you can access the Instructor's Manual and presentation materials. The Instructor Edition also contains additional problem material and exercises. You will also find PowerWeb content within the OLC to give you faster access to real-world material specific to your discipline.

how students use it
As students study, they can refer to the site's Student Edition for learning objectives, video clips, an interactive glossary, and much more. They can also access PowerWeb content to see chapter topics illustrated in the real world. Before taking an exam, students can point and click their way through the chapter summary, take self-grading quizzes, and work through interactive exercises.

how much work is required
None. Online Learning Center with PowerWeb Web Sites are fully populated and ready to go. Using the content in a PageOut® course Web Site is simple as well. Links will be provided in PageOut that direct students to the OLC content.

how we can help
We have sites available for most of our textbooks directly from us. We can also provide you with content and help you use it to populate a course management Web Site like PageOut, Blackboard, eCollege, or WebCT.

Visit our Web Site Gallery for a list of available titles.
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