Mendelian and Molecular Genetics

Mendelian and Molecular Genetics

1. The expression of a gene is called A. probability.
B. phenotype.
C. genotype.
D. pleiotropy.

2. A homozygous recessive condition is A. aa.
B. Aa.
C. AA.
D. AaBb.

3. In humans, normal skin dominates albino skin; a cross between two albino people results in A. two normal:two albino.
B. all normal.
C. all albino.
D. three albino:one normal.

4. Different forms of the same gene are referred to as A. loci.
B. alleles.
C. homozygotes.
D. hybrids.

5. In the genotype Aabb. A. A is a dominant allele.
B. a and b are alleles of each other.
C. A and b are at the same locus.
D. A and a are dominant genes.

6. A gene that can be masked by another gene is called A. pleiotropy.
B. dominant.
C. incompletely dominant.
D. recessive.

7. The probability of parents with the genotypes (Mm) x (Mm) having an offspring with the genotype (mm) is A. 1/2.
B. 1/4.
C. 3/8.
D. 0.

8. Which of the following represents the sex chromosomes of a typical human female? A. XY

9. The Y chromosome is in the A. egg.
B. egg or sperm.
C. polar body.
D. sperm.

10. If a sperm containing an X chromosome fertilizes an egg, the child will be A. a girl.
B. a boy.
C. twins, a boy and a girl.
D. twin boys.

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