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Active Participial Adjectives

Active participial adjectives are formed from thepresent participles of verbs. They describe nouns that are actively causing orparticipating in an action.

In quantum mechanics, a tunnelling alpha particle is onethat can escape the nucleus during radioactive decay.

--John Rigden, "J. Robert Oppenheimer: Before the War," ScientificAmerican (modified)

You can also use an active participial adjective inplace of a relative clause when the noun would otherwise be the subject of a simple relativeclause.

When hybrids mate with pure gray wolves, the resultingoffspring appear slightly more wolflike than their parents. [Alternatively: the offspring that result.]

--Robert K. Wayne and John Gittleman, "The Problematic Red Wolf,"Scientific American (modified)

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## Active Participial Adjectives ##
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