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The superlative usually is formed with an -est ending or the word mostor least.

We used the best stopper we could find. [good changed to superlative form best with -est]

We used the smallest stopper we could find. [small changed to superlative form smallest with -est]

We used the most tapered stopper we could find. [superlative with most]

We used the least tapered stopper we could find. [superlative with least]

If you are comparing only two items, use the comparative form. If you are comparing more than two items, use the superlative form.

This is the smaller of the twostoppers. [comparative]

This is the smallest of the threestoppers. [superlative]

If you use a comparative adjective, make sure that your comparison is complete by including the standard of comparison where it is relevant.

This stopper is smaller than that one. [standard ofcomparison]

If you are not sure how to form the comparative or superlative degree of a particular adjective,check the adjective in a dictionary.

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