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More Than One Work in the Same Citation

Separate citation numbers with commas and without any spaces. Indicate a sequence of three or more citation numbers as a single range separated by a hyphen.

Increasing emphasis has been placed on the rapid diagnosis of viral infections. Motionor centrifugation can speed the diagnosis of some viral infections19-22. For example,it has been demonstrated that rolling inoculated cultures at 0.1 to 0.3 rpm may enhance viralisolations and can enhance CPE and/or viral yields for enteroviruses6,28,30-36,rhinoviruses1,11,29,41, reoviruses22, parainfluenza virus type42, rotaviruses7,18,21,27,37,43, andherpesviruses8.

--Taniya Sarkar, Wei Zhao, and Nurul H. Sarkar, "Expression of Jun Oncogene in Rodent andHuman Breast Tumors," The World Wide Web Journal of Biology

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