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Title: Give the complete original title.

Publication information: List the name of the city (written out in full). If the city isnot well known or could be confused with another location, add the state (two-letter postalabbreviation) for U.S. locations, or the country for foreign publishers. End the location informationwith a colon and a space, followed by a short version of the publisher'sname (Harcourt for Harcourt Brace & Co., and Beacon for Beacon Press, Inc.). Use allstandard abbreviations. After the publisher's name, type a semicolon and the year of publication followed by a period, a space, the number of pages in the book or section, and thecharacter p.

Book by One Author

1.  Lightman A. Ancient light: our changing

    view of the universe. Cambridge, MA:

    Harvard University Press; 1991.

Edited Book or Anthology

Place the editor or editors (followed by a comma, a space, and editor or editors) in the author position.

1.  Spudich JL, Satir BH, editors. Sensory

    receptors and signal transduction. New

    York: Wiley-Liss; 1991. 341 p.

Selection in an Edited Book

This type of entry has five parts, each ending with a period: (1) the author of the selection; (2) thename of the editor preceded by In:; (3) the title of the edited book; (4) publicationinformation; and (5) the page numbers of the selection.

1.  Bishop, HB. Trends in oncogenes. In:

    Bradshaw RA, Prentis S, editors.

    Oncogenes and growth factors. New York:

    Elsevier; 1987. p 1-10.

Book by an Institutional or Organizational Author

1.  Council of Biology Editors. Scientific

    style and format: The CBE manual for

    authors, editors, and publishers. 6th ed.

    Chicago: Cambridge UP; 1994. 825 p.

Book with No Listed Author

To indicate that no author or editor is listed on the title page, start the entry with "[Anonymous]."

1.  [Anonymous]. Chicago manual of style. 14th

    ed. Chicago: U Chicago P; 1993.


1.  Heisenberg W. The physical principles of the

    quantum theory. Eckart C, Hoyt FC,

    translators. Chicago: U Chicago P; 1930.

    278 p.

Technical Report

The CBE format consists of seven parts: (1) author, with the name of the performing organizationin parentheses; (2) title; (3) publication information, including publisher or sponsoring organizationand date of publication; (4) report number; (5) contract number; (6) total number of pages; and (7)availability statement.

1.  Heohan CF, Liepins MC, Meuse CA, Wolfson MM.

    (Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts

    Institute of Technology). Summary of

    triple Doppler data, Orlando, 1991.

    Project Report. Lexington, Lincoln

    Laboratories; 1992 Apr 7. Report nr

    ATC-186. Contract nr DOT/FAA/NR-92-2.

    21 p. Available from Lincoln Laboratory,

    244 Wood Street, Lexington, MA 02173.

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