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Section 11.7.2

Correlative Conjunctions

Correlative conjunctions consist of two parts, bothof which must be included in the sentence. Some common correlative conjunctionsare both . . . and, either . . . or,neither . . . nor, notonly . . . but, andwhether . . . or. Like coordinating conjunctions, these conjunctions may linkwords, phrases, or clauses. The units being joined by a correlativeconjunction must be parallel in grammaticalstructure and importance.

Marasmus is the condition that results when a child's diet lacksboth total calories and protein.

--"Metabolic and Deficiency Diseases," Compton'sEncyclopedia

If you use a correlative conjunction to join two independent clauses, separate the clauses with a comma before the second element of the conjunction.

Either Jan will conclude the experiment by February,or she will ask for additional research funds.

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## Correlative Conjunctions ##
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