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Creating a Comment: How to Insert Personal Feedback into a Document

This feature allows you to add readily noticeable comments directly into a writer's document. Thecomments you insert will be bold, red (on a color monitor), and bracketed. Create Comment willcreate a comment from any selected text, or it will simply insert brackets and set the formatting sothat all you need do is start typing.

Steps to Insert Comments

  1. Launch your word processor.
  2. Open the document into which you wish to insert comments.
  3. Place the blinking insertion point where you would like the comment to be created.
  4. Once the cursor is in the right spot, run Create Comment via:

  5. Mayfield Toolbar (Windows users)
    Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K (Windows users)
    Command + Option + K (Macintosh users)
  6. Now you can begin to type directly into the document. Notice the different color and font of the text.
  7. You can also select text that is already written, and run Create Comment (as above). This will bring attention to selected text for revision, etc.
  8. Remember to save the document after inserting comments.

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