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Section 3.3.3

Table of Contents

Documents longer than ten pages use a table of contents to help the reader move around in thematerial. Tables of contents are widely used in reports, proposals, and other longer administrative and research documents. They are not used in articles that appear inperiodicals. A table of contents is a list of the main subjectheadings and subheadings of the document. Hence, a tableof contents not only helps readers find materials in the report but also outlines the topics of thereport. The table of contents is often prepared from the document's outline. A table of contents is an excellent way for the prospectivereader to get an overview of the document. The most useful tables of contents are made up of descriptive subject headings.

Title: Tailored Strain Field Mixing for Control ofPollutant Emissions

Executive Summary iList of Figures viList of Tables viii1 Introduction 1 1.1 Project Background and Motivation 3 1.2 Team Makeup and Schedule 4 1.3 Objectives of the Project 82 Applications for Tailored Strain Field Mixing in Low- Emission Gas Turbines 93 Research Plan 14 3.1 Numerical Simulations of Simplified Model Flows 15 3.2 Diffusion Flame Experiments 18 3.3 Review and Analysis of Mechanisms 294 Work Plan 425 Conclusions 60References 63Appendix A: Laboratory Results 66

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