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Section 15.1.3

Electronic Sources

Emory University Health Sciences Center Library. "A Field Guide to Source On, About, and On the Internet." URL

Harnack, Andrew, and Gene Kleppinger. "Beyond the MLA Handbook: Documenting ElectronicSources on the Internet." On-Line Serial. Kairos 1, no. 2 (1996). URL

Modification of MLA format with useful style guide.

Land, T. Web Extension to American Psychological Association Style (WEAPAS). 31WWW Document. (Rev. 1.4), 25 November 1996. URL

A useful adaptation of APA documentation style for most online sources of information.

Li, Xia, and Nancy B. Crane. Electronic Styles: A Handbook for Citing ElectronicInformation. Medford, N.J.: Information Today, 1996. URL

Walker, Janice R. "MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources." WWW Document Ver. 1.0. January1996. URL

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## Electronic Sources ##
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