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Section 9.8


Unless you are following a style guide thatspecifies otherwise, observe the following conventions.

Integrate equations into the body of yourdocument by including in the text one or more explicit referencesto each one and, if appropriate, a short explanation of eachterm.

Include only the main equations in the body of the document. Detailed derivations and calculations, if appropriate, should be put in appendixes.

Set off equations from the text by displaying them, centered on the longest line, and with equation numbers as shown.

An ion in crossed electric and magnetic fields drifts atright angles to both fields with a velocity of

[Image: Equation]
(Eq. 7)

where Vd is the drift velocity, Es is themagnitude of the static field, and B is the magnetic fieldstrength. If Vd were to approach unity, the behaviorof the electric . . .

Guidelines for Displaying Equations

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## Equations ##
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