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Section 8.6

Exclamation Points

In technical and scientific writing, use exclamation points onlyto end warning or caution statements or as specialized scientificnotation. For other purposes, use a periodor question mark.


Place the power supply latch in the locked position beforeplugging in the device! Failure to lock the power supply latchmay result in severe injury!


Do not continue if there are any files on the disk you wish tokeep! The format procedure will destroy all files stored on thedisk.

Specialized Scientific Notation

Use the exclamation point as a factorial symbol in mathematicalnotation.


5! [represents 5 × 4 × 3 × 2 ×1]

Use the exclamation point as a phonetic symbol in linguisticrepresentations.

Some interesting counterexamples appear in !Kungsyntax.

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