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Section 4.3.2

Numbering Graphics

Give all figures and tables in written reports are an identifyingnumber and title so you can refer to them within reports by means of that number. Number yourfigures sequentially, starting from 1. In large reports with many sections, use a double numeration system. In this system, the numberconsists of the number of the section in which the graphic appears plus the sequential number of thegraphic within that section (for example, "Fig. 4.3"). This will prevent you from having to give figuresconfusingly high reference numbers. In general, number and title go below graphs and figures but above tables. In an oral report, figures and graphs need not be numbered. Giveevery viewgraph in an oral report a title placed at the top of the viewgraph.

Also give numbers and titles to figures and graphs placed in an appendix to a report. Use a number that is a composite of theappendix number or letter and the sequential number of the figure.

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