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Help: Appendix D

List of Installed Files for Macintosh

In all of the following, if the file or folder already exists, it willbe updated to our version, and update only if our version is newer.

At root of startup drive:

Note: The user can choose to install this anywhere. This is the onlylocation choice for installation the user gets.

In the Mayfield Handbooks folder:

In the Technical Writing Handbook folder:

Note: the above files are all (editable) word processing document filesin the formats indicated by the file names.

Note: This folder and its contents get installed only if the user choosesthe Easy (Full) installation option.

In the Handbook folder:

In System Folder:Preferences folder:

In System Folder:Preferences:Mayfield Preferences folder:

In System Folder:Preferences:KeyQuencer Preferences folder:

Note: If a file by this name exists, it will be renamed to "KeyQuencerMacros Copy" so the user can re-integrate his own macros.

In System Folder:Extensions folder:

In System Folder:

Note: To maintain compatability with users who already have KQ, we installour few pieces we use in the hierarchy used by the standard KQ installation.That hierarchy is as follows:

Note: all of the above files are the KQ files to carry out the commandsused by the Mayfield macros.

In System Folder:Extensions:Scripting Additions for pre-OS8 systems -or-in System Folder:Scripting Additions for OS8 systems:

Note: the above 4 files are all scripting additions that extend the AppleScriptlanguage and are all used by the applets installed in the Mayfield Preferencesfolder.

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