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magazine articles, citing. See journal articles,citing.
main clause. See also independent clauses.
main idea maintaining eye contact (oral presentations)
management requirements (in proposals)
managerial review
managers, writing for
manner adverbs
manuals (writing documentation). See also task-oriented documents.
manuscript form maps, guides for using
mass nouns. See also countable and uncountable nouns. materials and apparatus, discussion of
mathematics style guides
measurement, units of (abbreviations for)
mechanics media/medium
medicine style guides
meetings memorandums meteorology style guides
misplaced modifiers missing subject or predicate
misspelled words
mixed audiences
MLA style of documentation. See Modern LanguageAssociation.
modal auxiliaries. See also auxiliary verbs.
Modern Language Association (MLA) author-page style modified block format for letters
modifiers. See also adjectives and adverbs. mood Mr., Mrs., Ms. multiple bar graphs
multiple line graphs

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