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Sample Title and Introduction: Biology Report

Sperm Selection by Females

The history of sexual-selection studies reveals an increasing recognition of the active role of femalesin determining microevolutionary trajectories. Early studies emphasized male tactics such as combatand scramble competition, and doubted the evolutionary significance of female choice. Even afterfemale choice was convincingly documented, its role was believed to be restricted to pre-copulatoryphenomena.1-3 Despite an increased recent focus on sperm competition within afemale's reproductive tract, the female has typically been viewed as providing the arena ofcompetition, rather than being an active participant in the selective process.4 Ourstudies of lizards provide the first clear evidence of active selection of sperm by females, in ways thatenhance female fitness.

In the Swedish sand lizards (Lacerta agilis) we havestudied, . . . 

--M. Olsson et al., "Sperm Selection by Females," Nature

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