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Irregular Verbs

The following chart lists the past tense and the past participle form of common irregular verbs.All modal auxiliaries are irregular. See the chartin Section 11.3.5 for their forms.

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Base Form         Simple Past       Past Participlearise             arose             arisenawake             awoke             awoken/awakedbe                was/were          beenbear              bore              bornebeat              beat              beatenbecome            became            becomebegin             began             begunbend              bent              bentbet               bet               betbid               bade/bid          bidden/bidbind              bound             boundbite              bit               bittenbleed             bled              bledblow              blew              blownbreak             broke             brokenbreed             bred              bredbring             brought           broughtbroadcast         broadcast         broadcastbuild             built             builtburst             burst             burstbuy               bought            boughtcast              cast              castcatch             caught            caughtchoose            chose             chosencling             clung             clungcome              came              comecost              cost              costcreep             crept             creptcut               cut               cutdeal              dealt             dealtdig               dug               dugdive              dived/dove        diveddo                did               donedraw              drew              drawndrink             drank             drunkdrive             drove             driveneat               ate               eatenfall              fell              fallenfeed              fed               fedfeel              felt              feltfight             fought            foughtfind              found             foundfit               fit               fitflee              fled              fledfling             flung             flungfly               flew              flownforbid            forbade           forbiddenforecast          forecast          forecastforget            forgot            forgottenforgive           forgave           forgivenforsake           forsook           forsakenfreeze            froze             frozenget               got               gottengive              gave              givengo                went              gonegrind             ground            groundgrow              grew              grownhang              hung              hunghave              had               hadhear              heard             heardhide              hid               hiddenhit               hit               hithold              held              heldhurt              hurt              hurtkeep              kept              keptknow              knew              knownlay               laid              laidlead              led               ledleave             left              leftlend              lent              lentlet               let               letlie               lay               lainlight             lit/lighted       lit/lightedlose              lost              lostmake              made              mademean              meant             meantmeet              met               metmislay            mislaid           mislaidmistake           mistook           mistakenpay               paid              paidprove             proved            proved/provenput               put               putquit              quit              quitread              read              readrid               rid               ridride              rode              riddenring              rang              rungrise              rose              risenrun               ran               runsay               said              saidsee               saw               seenseek              sought            soughtsell              sold              soldsend              sent              sentset               set               setshake             shook             shakenshed              shed              shedshine             shone/shined      shone/shinedshoot             shot              shotshow              showed            shown/showedshrink            shrank/shrunk     shrunkshut              shut              shutsing              sang              sungsink              sank              sunksit               sat               satslay              slew              slainsleep             slept             sleptslide             slid              slidslit              slit              slitspeak             spoke             spokenspeed             sped/speeded      sped/speededspend             spent             spentspin              spun              spunspit              spit/spat         spit/spatsplit             split             splitspread            spread            spreadspring            sprang/sprung     sprungstand             stood             stoodsteal             stole             stolenstick             stuck             stucksting             stung             stungstink             stank/stunk       stunkstrike            struck            struck/strickenstring            strung            strungstrive            strove            strivenswear             swore             swornsweep             swept             sweptswim              swam              swumswing             swung             swungtake              took              takenteach             taught            taughttear              tore              torntell              told              toldthink             thought           thoughtthrow             threw             thrownthrust            thrust            thrusttread             trod              trodden/trodunderstand        understood        understoodundertake         undertook         undertakenupset             upset             upsetwake              woke/waked        woken/wakedwear              wore              wornweave             wove              wovenweep              wept              weptwin               won               wonwind              wound             woundwithdraw          withdrew          withdrawnwring             wrung             wrungwrite             wrote             written

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