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One Work by Two or Three Authors

Include all last names in both parenthetical citations and referencesin the text. Use the word and rather than anampersand for both in-text and parenthetical citations. For three authors, place a comma after the first and second authors.

A few years later, British cosmologists discussed the flatness problem in the context of theanthropic principle (Collins and Hawking 317).

Radically new approaches to educational uses of network technology have been recentlydeveloped in China (Lai, Chen, and Yuan 2).

MLA style prefers, however, including the authors' names in thetext.

A few years later, the British cosmologists Collins and Hawking discussed the flatnessproblem in the context of the anthropic principle (317).

Lai, Chen, and Yuan have described China's development of radically new approaches toeducational uses of network technology (2).

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