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Place the citation immediately after the quotation but before anypunctuation ending the clause or sentence. However, if thequotation ends with an exclamation point or a question mark, place that punctuation mark before the closing quotation mark, and then write the parenthetical citation followed by the punctuation that ends the clauseor sentence.

The developer of MIT's Media MOO observes "Virtual communities, social clubs,universities, and corporations are all groups of people brought together for a purpose. Achievingthat purpose often requires that there be some way to determine who can join that community"(Bruckman 51-52).

Bruckman observes, "Virtual communities, social clubs, universities, and corporations areall groups of people brought together for a purpose. Achieving that purpose often requires thatthere be some way to determine who can join that community" (51-52).

Noting that gravitational and kinetic energies are no longer equal, Lightman asks, "Whyare [they] becoming unbalanced at this particular moment in cosmic time, just when Homosapiens happened to arrive?" (61).

Set off quotations of more than four lines by starting them on a new line and indenting each line ten spaces or one inch. If the quotation is only oneparagraph or part of one, do not indent the first line further. If the quotation includes the beginningof a second paragraph, indent the first line of each complete paragraph an additional three spacesor one-fourth inch. Place the citation after the final punctuation.

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