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Section 10.5.1

General Structure

The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 4th ed. (1995), recommends asystem of in-text citations that clearly point to entries included in a reference list, called WorksCited at the end of the document. The APA and MLA styles differ significantly in several areas, particularlyin the information given in the in-text parenthetical citation, the guidelines for placement of such citations, and numerous specificformatting and stylistic conventions for both the citations and thereference lists.

For example, MLA style emphasizes the exact location of information. Consequently, the specificpage numbers of a reference are always listed in the citation unlessthe reference is clearly to the entire source as a whole. On the other hand, MLA in-text citationsdo not include the year of publication.

Citation in Text

The connection between brain damage and autism is no longer disputed (Bailey8).

Entry in List of Works Cited

Bailey, Arthur. "The Biology of Autism."

     Psychological Medicine 23 (1993): 7-11.

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