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Journal Articles

Entries for articles from periodicals, like books, have three maindivisions, each ending with a period. The first part is the name ofthe author or authors. The second part is the title of the article, enclosed in quotation marks. The third part of the entry is the publicationinformation, which begins with the name of the periodical. Underline or italicize the journal title, and capitalizeall words except prepositions and articles that do not begin the title or follow a colon. Additional publication information , such as the volume numberand the date of publication, follows the title and concludes with a colon, a space, the page numbersof the article, and a period. If an article is continued from its first page to a nonconsecutive page,give only the first page and (without a space) a + sign.

Article in a Journal Paginated by Annual Volume

Give the journal title (italicized or underlined) followed by a space, the volume number, anotherspace, the year of publication (in parentheses), a colon, a space,and the page numbers of the article without the abbreviationp. or pp.

Nelson, Keith A., et al. "Optical Generation

     of Tunable Ultrasonic Waves." Journal of

     Applied Physics 53 (1982): 1144-49.

Pasternack, Robert F., and Peter J. Collins.

     "Resonance Light Scattering: A New

     Technique for Studying Chromophore

     Aggregation." Science 269 (1995): 935-9.

Article in a Journal Paginated by Issue

Add a period and the issue number (also in arabic numerals) to the volume number.

Allemang, John. "Social Studies in Gibberish."

     Quarterly Review of Doublespeak 20.1

     (1993): 9-10.

Article in a Monthly or Bimonthly Periodical

If the journal is a monthly or bimonthly periodical, list the month and year of publication insteadof the volume number.

Fallows, James. "Networking Technology."

     Atlantic Monthly July 1994: 34-36.

Article in a Daily, Weekly, or Biweekly Magazine or Newspaper

Include the year, month, and day.

Metcalfe, Bob. "The Numbers Show How Slowly

     the Internet Runs Today." Infoworld 30

     Sep. 1996: 34.

Paper Published in Conference Proceedings

Treat a presentation in conference proceedings like an article in an edited book.

Jaeggli, Osvaldo. "Subject Extraction and the

     Null Subject Parameter." Proceedings of

     NELS 14. Ed. Charles Jones and Pamela

     Sells. Amherst, MA: Graduate Linguistic

     Student Assn., Univ. of Massachusetts,

     1984. 132-53.

Paez-Borrallo, Jose M., Isabel A. Perez-

     Alavarez, and Sergio Z. Bello. "Adaptive

     Filtering in Data Communications with

     Self Improved Error Reference."

     Conference. IEEE International Conference

     on Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing.

     Adelaide, Australia: IEEE, 1994. 65-68.

Halle, Morris. "A Biblical Pattern Poem." The

     Linguistics of Writing: Arguments

     between Language and Literature. Ed.

     Nigel Fabb et al. New York: Methuen,

     1987. 67-75.

Unpublished Paper Presented at a Meeting

Give the author's name, the title of the paper, the meeting, and the presentation. Underline oritalicize the title of the paper. Then write "Paper presented at" and the name of conference and itslocation, followed by the date.

Lai, Ming-Chih, Bih-Horng Chen, and Shyan-

     Ming Yuan. Toward a New Educational

     Environment. Section on Educational

     Applications of the World Wide Web. Paper

     presented at the Fourth International

     World Wide Web Conference. Boston,

     12 Dec. 1995.

Unpublished Dissertation

Give the title of the dissertation in quotation marks. Then add Diss. and the name ofthe university, followed by the year.

Glazer, Frederick G. "Hierarchical Motion

     Detection." Diss. Univ. of Massachusetts,


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