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Formal Outline

In the formal outline, you develop a numbering system to accompany the topics. The process ofcreating and sequencing the topics is a critical stage in developing your document, because theresulting plan determines the document's internal logic and order. In the following outline, thewriter has designed a writing strategy. When the document is reviewed, the outline will help the reviewer understand the writer's goals.

Outline: Tools and Materials for High-Speed Machining: A Survey

1 Progress in tool technology is largely speed-based 1.1 Materials 1.2 Automation2 Tool failure mechanisms 2.1 Fracture 2.2 Deformation 2.3 Wear3 Strategies for developing tooling systems for high-speed machining 3.1 Chemically stable materials 3.2 Diffusion-limited wear regimes 3.3 Isolation of the tool from the workplace4 Conclusions 4.1 Aluminum alloys 4.2 Hard steels 4.3 Titanium alloys

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## Formal Outline ##
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