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Informal Outline

In an informal outline, sometimes called a scratch outline, the writer brainstorms to develop a listof topics, which are then put into some order. The following informal outline might serve as thebasis of a short theoretical report for a review of the current state of photoelectric conversionchemistry.

Title: Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Semiconductor-BasedPhotoelectric CellsIntroduction: Converting solar to chemical energyAbsorption of light: Optimizing efficiencyEnergetics for photoredox processesDurability of semiconductor electrodesKinetics for fuel-forming redox reactions Examples of semiconductor-based photochemical processes        --Photoelectrolysis of H2O          (SrTiO3-based cell)        --Photooxidation of Cl- (MY2)        --Photoreduction of water to H2        --Reduction of CO3H- to formate

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## Informal Outline ##
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