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Section 5.3.10


Analysis examines a subject by evaluating one of its aspects--weighing evidence and possible causal linkages. It resemblesother forms of paragraph development,especially classification and division. The objectof analysis, however, is to get to the center of how somethingworks. The following paragraph considers the link betweencancer, poverty, and stress.

One possible explanation for these statistics on cancer canbe found in the high levels of stress associated with poverty. Studies have found that stress can dampen the immune system, thebody's first line of defense against cancer, and experiments withanimals have shown that a stressful environment can enhance thegrowth of a variety of tumors. The link between poverty, stress,and cancer mortality in humans has not been proven, but studieshave shown a link between stress and other illnesses.

--Thomas D. Fahey, Paul M. Insel, and Walton T. Roth, Fitand Well: Core Concepts in Physical Fitness and Wellness

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