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Section 5.3.4


Use descriptive prose to provide a physical picture or a functional view of the subject. Physicaldescription develops a picture by identifying the shapes, materials, position, and functions of itssubject. Such prose often serves as the raw material for more elaborate forms of analyticalprose.

Boundary-Layer Test Section

The test section (0.86 m × 2.44 m) of the boundary layer tunnel, as shown in Figure 2, issituated between the nozzle and the diffuser. It consists of a flat aluminum test plate, acontoured wall, and two transparent side walls. A bleed-scoop layer at the leading edge of thetest plate removes the inlet boundary layer. The contoured wall opposite the test plate generatesthe required pressure distribution. The two differently-contoured walls used in this investigationgenerate either squared-off pressure distribution or aft-loaded pressure distribution.

These distribution shapes . . . 

--O. P. Sharma et al., "Boundary Layer Development on Turbine Airfoil Suction Surfaces,"Transactions of the ASME

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