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Section 7.5.4

Ethnically or Racially Biased Language

Clearly, ethnic and racial insults are unacceptable in professional writing. Less clear-cut, however,are the labels that are most acceptable for identifying specific ethnic and racial groups. Followingare some general guidelines.

Another concern is language that may suggest ethnic or racial stereotypes. Avoid unsupportedgeneralizations about racial or ethnic groups, as well as racially based assumptions about individuals.


With the simple nobility that characterizes his people, Onondaga Indian leader LeonShenandoah acted as a spiritual and political advocate for the Iroquois Confederacy until his deathin 1996.


With directness and integrity, Onondaga leader Leon Shenandoah acted as a spiritual andpolitical advocate for the Iroquois Confederacy until his death in 1996.

Include references to ethnicity or race only when relevant. Avoid using pronouns that assume that "we" are of one race and "they" are ofanother.

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