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Section 2.4.1

Laboratory Reports

In the following example, a laboratory report is presented in the form of a brief memorandum.

To: B. Renner, Manager, Boiler Group
From: D. Hein, Analytical Group
Date: 2/19/93
Subject: Analysis of VCGx-Boiler Cleaning Solution


The following sample was received for analysis of its sulfate, nitrate, fluoride, and magnesium content:

Lab Number G1457

Collected 11/06/92

Received: 11/14/92

Analyzed: 2/05/93


The following amounts of the substances were found in the sample:
Lab No. Sample I.D. Parameter Results as ppm
G1457 VCGx SO4 90,000
NO3 3
F <1
Ca 10
Mg 5


A 10% solution of the sample was prepared and analyzed for the parameters listed above. Theanions (SO4 and NO3) were analyzed on the filtered sample by theautomated method (Lab Test Nos. 33052-B and 33053-B), using the Technical Auto Analyzer IIsystems. The high sulfate content of the sample made it necessary to dilute the sample onehundredfold. The Fluoride content was determined by the electrode method (Lab Test no.F4805-A). Analysis of the metals (Ca and Mg) was carried out by the flame atomic absorptionmethod (Lab Tests Nos. G4040-F and G4045-F) using the Perkins-Elmer Model 403 AA. An aliquotof shaken sample was dissolved in 0.5% nitric acid and 5% hydrochloric acid prior to analysis of themetals.

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