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Section 3.3.1

Title and Title Page

Begin every technical document except a memorandum with a clear and specific title. Prospectivereaders may judge whether your document will be worth their time just be reading the title. Thesubject line of a memo serves as the title.

Long formal documents have a separate title page. For shorter documents, a title page may berequired, optional, or unnecessary, depending on the specific context and conventions in your field.

A title page should include the title, the author or authors, their affiliation (if appropriate), and thedate. It may also include additional information, such as a specific grant or project number.


Sample Title and Introduction: Astronautical Engineering DesignReport

Sample Title and Introduction: Mechanical Design Report

Sample Title and Introduction: Biology Report

Sample Title and Introduction: Information SystemsReport

for sample titles and Research Reports for an example of aformal title page.

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