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Section 3.4.7

Work Plan

Include a work plan, sometimes called a project plan, as a separate section in all lengthy proposals. Preliminary project plans are also sometimes appropriate in feasibility and recommendation reports. In addition, most progress reports refer to all or part of previously existingproject plans.

A project plan outlines in specific detail how a project will be conducted, who will work on whichpart, and when and in what order each part will be accomplished. It is similar to a procedure section but differs in that it describes future rather thanpast actions. Most project plans include the following elements:

3.0 Work Plan    3.1 Description of Project        The project is to design a new online shopping server to be        used on the university network by authenticated students,        faculty, and staff.  The server must support meal-card        transactions, bookstore purchases, and online purchase of        course notes.    3.2 Team Members        Denzeel Simon, Jill Broadstreet, Domingo Sarmiento    3.3 Equipment         3.3.1   Two Standard workstations with a minimum of 32K                RAM and 4 GB of hard-disk storage        3.3.2   Standard card encoder        3.3.3   Two card readers        3.3.4   Bookstore and dining hall inventory software    3.4 Tasks, Assignments, and Schedules        3.4.1   Research existing electronic shopping technology for                effectiveness, ease of use, and security        Jan. 3-17: Simon, Sarmiento        3.4.2   Outline the specific modular components of the                system                Jan. 10-17: Broadstreet        3.5 Develop draft specifications of each module        Jan. 18-Feb. 14: Broadstreet, Simon, Sarmiento        3.5.1   Review draft specifications                Feb. 15: Broadstreet, Simon, Sarmiento        3.5.2   Complete final specifications                Feb. 22: Broadstreet        3.5.3   Write code for encryption/authentication modules                Feb. 25-Apr. 3: Sarmiento        3.5.4   Write code for client browser modules, payment                switch modules, and inventory modules                Mar.4-Apr. 15: Broadstreet, Simon        3.5.5   Test and debug each module                Apr. 18-May 10: Broadstreet, Simon, Sarmiento        3.5.6   Test and debug integrated system                May 11-June 30: Broadstreet, Simon        3.5.7   Write technical documentation                May 11-June 30: Sarmiento        3.5.8   Site-test system                June 30-Aug. 14: Sarmiento        3.5.9   Review and evaluate site tests                Aug. 14-Sep. 1: Broadstreet, Simon, Sarmiento        3.5.10  Revise system based on site tests                Sep. 1-Oct. 15: Broadstreet, Simon        3.5.11  Revise technical documentation and complete online                end-user documentation                Oct. 16-Nov. 30: Sarmiento        3.5.12 Release                Dec. 15

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