My Favorite Teacher

There have been many people who have influenced me and those who have set great examples in my life. Many of those people were teachers that I have had from Kindergarten to the present time. If I had to choose one who has had the greatest influence, it would have to be Mrs. Gullion at Lilburn Elementary School in Lilburn, GA. She put much effort and time in teaching music and leading the fourth and fifth grade choir. There are many reasons why she was my favorite teacher of all times, but there is not enough space to share all of these, so I will share three reasons. First, she had the characteristics of a Christian. Second, she made learning music fun. Finally, she gave her all into teaching us.

One reason why Mrs. Gullion was my favorite teacher is because of her characteristics of being a Christian. She was always kind, thoughtful, and generous. She continually listened to what we had to say. At the end of each class, if time permitted and if there were people who wanted to, we would have a little show and tell time. Being that we were attending a music class, the only things that we could show and tell were things dealing with music. There were quite a few times during my four years at LES that I would play the piano for our class. I would play songs such as The Entertainer, by Scot Joplin, or even songs that we had sung in class that day. She always took the time to listen to our thoughts and was never impatient with us, and for that I am very grateful.

Another reason why Mrs. Gullion was a favorite of mine was because she made learning music fun. It did not matter whether we were in a portable classroom, where space was limited, or in an actual room in the building, where we had plenty of room to move around. She always had ideas to get us moving and enjoying music. I remember that there was a song that we sang that was similar to “This Old Man,” but with longer verses and a chorus in between each verse. She would add hand, arm, or body movements to every verse and chorus in the song. My friends and I would be laughing while we sang the song because the movements were so silly! Mrs. Gullion also made learning music fun by letting us play with different percussion instruments. We played with glockenspiels, xylophones, tambourines, triangles, drums, bongos, and the list could go on. I remember that, at the end of the hour, one day, she showed us a gong and what it sounded like. We thought it was the neatest thing ever. Although we had music once a week and even though it was a blast, the fun and learning did not stop there.

Finally, Mrs. Gullion made music fun and enjoyable by having a fourth and fifth grade choir that we could participate in. I was only able to participate in the choir my fourth grade year, but it was a fun one. For our Christmas musical, she took an “episode” off of Sesame Street, called “This is Your Life,” and did an entire musical. Sesame Street’s “This is Your Life” was hosted by a “TV show host” and one of the Sesame Street characters would be a contestant. The contestant would then have to listen to various voices of significant people in their lives. In our case, we used Santa Claus and the many events that happen as Christmas becomes to children what it is: a time of seeing elves, reindeer, Mrs. Claus, the North Pole, etc. In our musical we even had a commercial break that included dancing candy bars! All in all, Mrs. Gullion was a fun, creative teacher.

Mrs. Gullion was an excellent, fabulous teacher. She has made an impact on my life, and by her doing so, I hope that I can pass the same qualities on to children I will be teaching. She had characteristics of a Christian, she made music fun to learn and enjoy, and finally she made music fun by directing a fourth and fifth grade choir. Thank you Mrs. Gullion, for the impact you have had on my life.

-- Kim Hayward, Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN