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Prefix Meaning Examples
-agog, -agogue leader demagog, pedagogue
-anthrop human, man anthropology, anthropomorphic, misanthrope
-arch- chief, leader, ruler archangel, monarch, archaic, archenemy
-auto- self autobiography, automobile, autocracy
arising from within automaton
biblio- book bibliography, bibliophile
bi-, bio- life biosphere, biography, autobiography,
biology, antibiotic
chrom- color chromatic, monochrome, polychrome
chron- time chronicle, chronology, chronometer, synchronize
-crac-, -crat- rule, ruler autocrat, democracy, bureaucrat, democracy, plutocrat
crypt hidden cryptogram, cryptology, cryptic
demo- people demography, democracy, epidemic
derm- skin dermatology, epidermis, hypodermic
dox belief, opinion orthodoxy, paradox, heterodoxy
dynam- power dynamo, hydrodynamics
-gam- marriage monogamy, polygamy, bigamy
geo- earth geopolitical, geology, geography, geothermal
-graph- writing, printing graphology, biography, telegraph, digraph, orthography, geography
-gyn- woman gynecologist, misogynist, androgynous, polygyny
hem- blood hematology, hemophilia, hemoglobin
hetero- other, different heterosexual, heterodoxy, heterodox heterogeneous
homo- same homosexual, homogeneous, homogenized
hydro- water dehydrate, rehydrate, hydraulics, hydroelectric, hydroplane
log study, field of, biology, geology, etymology, cardiology,
word neologism, monologue
macro- large macrocosm, macroeconomics
metri, meter- measure geometric, thermometer, odometer
micro- small microscope, microcosm, microeconomics
mono- one, alone, single monologue, monotheism, monarchy, monogamy, monogram, monopoly
morph- form, structure metamorphosis, amorphous, morpheme, morphology
neo- new, recent neologism, neo-liberal, neonatology. neolithic
neuro- nerve neurology, neurosis, neurobiology
-nym-, -onym word, name synonym, acronym, eponymous, anonymous, pseudonym
ortho- straight, correct orthodox, orthodontist, orthopedic
pan- all, every pantheism, Pan-Hellenic, panorama, pandemic
path- feeling, suffering sympathy, apathy, empathy, pathos, telepathy, pathology
phil-, philo- like, lover of philosophy, Francophile, bibliophile, philately, philanthropy
phobia exaggerated fear photophobia, claustrophobia, agoraphobia
phon-, phono- sound, voice telephone, euphony, cacophony, phonograph, phonogram
poly- many, several polygon, polygamy, polyandry, polygyny, polytechnic, polytheism
proto- first prototype, protoplasm, protobiology
psych- soul, spirit, mind psychology, psychic, psychosomatic, psychobiography
soph wisdom, knowledge philosophy, sophisticated, sophomore (wise fool)
tele- distant, far off telephone, telepathy, telegram, television, telekinetic
theo- god, deity theology, polytheism, atheist, pantheism, monotheism, theocentric
therm- heat thermal, thermos, thermometer
-tomy cutting appendectomy, splenectomy
zoo animal zoo, zoology, zooaltry


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