Review your knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth by answering the questions below. Refer to your textbook if necessary.


  1. Trace the journey of the egg in a woman's body:

    How long does the egg's journey take?

  2. Trace the journey of sperm cells from ejaculation to conception:
    How does a sperm cell penetrate an egg?

  3. List three possible reasons for infertility in women.

    List two possible reasons for infertility in men.

  4. List and define four treatments for infertility.


  1. List three early signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

  2. List specific changes that occur in the following during pregnancy.
    muscles and ligaments
    pelvic joints
    circulatory system
    body weight

  3. What are Braxton Hicks contractions? When do they occur and why?

  4. List three characteristics of the fetus during each trimester. What systems have developed? How large is the fetus?

    first trimester second trimester third trimester

  5. List six important components of good prenatal care.
    a. d.
    b. e.
    c. f.


What occurs during each of the three stages of labor? How long does each stage last?

first stage:

second stage:

third stage: