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VI. Stratification in the United States and Worldwide

The advent of the global economy--with its emphasis on transnational capital, multinational trade, and new technology--is seen as the hallmark of progress in a new world order. Open trade agreements and the entrepreneurial spirit infecting Europe, Asia, and the United States can certainly foster new opportunities that can be beneficial. Many of these opportunities can also be exploitative to a nation, society, group or individual, or the environment. The fast pace of deregulation and change ensures the creation of new classifications of labor, as well as the creation of a new globally elite set of economic and social classes. Where is the accelerated economy taking us, and who will we be five years from now as a result? The Web sites below on stratification were selected to help shed light on the issues, including welfare reform worldwide.

Explorations in Social Inequality

One of the best stops on the award-winning Web site Sociological Tour through Cyberspace. It provides an annotated discussion with links to the major issues in inequality, including theory and measurement of social class/mobility. Stratification and inequality issues are also explored using the themes of race, gender, ethnicity, and education.

Center for Working Class Studies

The CWCS creates social spaces for civic and academic conversations on working-class life and serves as a clearinghouse for information on working-class culture, issues, and pedagogy. The web site includes information about working-class studies as a field of study; information on courses, research, and programs at YSU; a bibliography on working-class studies; plus links to other related web sites.

Institute of Commonwealth Studies

The Institute of Commonwealth Studies is the only postgraduate academic institution in the United Kingdom devoted to the study of the Commonwealth. Its purpose is to promote interdisciplinary and interregional research on the Commonwealth and its member nations in the fields of history, politics, economics and other social sciences, and subjects like development, environment, health, migration, class, race, and literature.

The Official Mahatma Gandhi Web Site

Online biography with links on a key figure in the historic struggle to free India from English colonial rule.

BBC NEWS: Macau Handover

BBC News Online looks at what the handover means for Macau and the region as five centuries of European colonialism in Asia come to an end.

Anti-Imperialism in the United States

A very insightful online look at the anti-imperialist movement in the United States is presented here. Issues addressed include the Spanish-U.S. conquest, the Philippine war, and the recognition of Panama. Links to other sites on the subject are also included.

International Council on Social Welfare

The International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) is a global nongovernmental organization that represents a wide range of national and international member organizations that seek to advance social welfare, social justice, and social development.

Welfare Reform on the Web

Background on welfare reform in the United Kingdom, along with resources on current issues in the subject, is provided here. Topics at the site include social security, child care, housing, education, and community redevelopment.

Stateline: Welfare Reform

Many objectives of welfare reform are played out on the state and local level. The Web site is devoted to political news on a statewide level. It includes links to political news briefs in each of the 50 states. The welfare reform section at this site provides up-to-date information on the status of hot issues in welfare reform on a statewide level.

Multinational Monitor

An online magazine devoted to taking a critical look at the roles, functions, and impact of multinational corporations in the national and global economy, as well as society at large.  The site contains a featured article, as well as a special section called Focus on the Corporation, which highlights the way in which companies exploit labor, hijack the competition, and receive corporate welfare.

Global Trade Watch

Global Trade Watch fights for international trade and investment policies promoting government and corporate accountability, consumer health and safety, and environmental protection through research, lobbying, public education, and the media. It is a division of Public Citizen, a national consumer and environmental organization founded by Ralph Nader in 1971. The site includes resources for activists and volunteers, as well as an online article, Citizen's Guide to the WTO.

Time Magazine: Corporate Welfare,10987,989508,00.html

What would you do if you discovered that the United States spends more on corporate welfare than it does on all other welfare programs combined? The Web site to the November '98 cover story provides access to the  revealing 18-month investigation by Time Magazine on how government subsidizes industry. The site describes how corporations benefit, providing case studies and examples that even include Time-Warner itself.  The site provides a great set of additional net links on the subject as well.

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