"For years two guidelines for effective delivery have been naturalness and poise. A speaker's delivery should not draw attention from the content of the message--as it might, for example, if it were overly dramatic or reflected lack of confidence. . . .Good delivery involves much more than mere fluency in speaking. It includes the effective use of many visual and vocal cues: eye contact, hand gestures, posture, and general physical appearance as well as vocal quality, pitch, volume, and rate of speech." (Tubbs & Moss, Human Communication, p. 315)

Guide to Presentation

Guidelines for Communication

Iowa State Delivery

Improving Delivery


Preparation Steps

Tips for Practicing Delivery

Using Notes, Transparencies, Charts, and Displays


Application: From NCA's Communication Teacher: Everyone in the group should bring sunglasses to class. The audience and speaker wear the sunglasses during an impromptu speaking assignment. The experience can be amusing and help ease the tension, while generating discussion about the importance of eye contact and being able to read audience feedback through eyes. What element of delivery do you think is most important for an effective message?

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