Communication Works

by Teri Kwal Gamble and Michael Gamble

"Whether you are 18 or 80, female or male, married or single, employed or unemployed, it is never too late to learn skills that will enrich and improve the quality of your life. Interpersonal, small-group, and public communication skills are not inborn. You have to develop them, a process that will continue throughout your life. That is why this book is designed to provide you with a program for lifelong learning. If you want to improve your ability to relate to people in your social life, your job, or your academic life, now is the time to start making communication work." (Gamble & Gamble, Communication Works, p. 5)

Sample syllabus: University of Southern Utah

1 Communication: The Starting Line

Journals in Communication | Process of Communication | Writer Helps

2 Communicating in a Culturally Diverse Society


3 Communication and the Self-Concept

Intrapersonal | Self-Awareness

4 Communication and Perception

Ethics | Gender Communication | Health Communication | Perception

5 Language and Meaning


6 Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication

7 Listening and Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking | Listening

8 Understanding Relationships

Families | Relationships

9 Person to Person


10 The Role of the Group in Problem Solving

Small Group Communication

11 Group Networks, Membership, and Leadership

Leadership | Organizational Communication

12 Handling Group Conflict: How to Disagree Without Becoming Disagreeable

Conflict Resolution

13 The Speaker and the Audience: The Occasion and the Subject

Audience | Public Speaking Resources | Speech Archives | Topic Selection | Women's Voices

14 Developing Your Speech: Supporting Your Ideas

Humor | Libraries/Research | Quotations | Supporting Materials | Today in History

15 Designing Your Speech: Organizing Your Ideas

Organizing and Outlining

16 Delivering Your Speech: Presenting Your Ideas

Communication Apprehension | Delivery | PowerPoint Help

17 Informative Speaking

Informative Speech

18 Persuasive Speaking


19 The Mass Media, New Technologies of Communication and You

Mass Media

Appendix: Interviewing from Both Sides of the Desk


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