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NOTE: Some multimedia products may not be available with your adopted textbook. Please consult the textbook's preface or website, or contact your local McGraw-Hill sales representative to find out whether the following multimedia products are available for purchase with your textbook.

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Digital Workbooks and Laboratory Manuals


McGraw-Hill is proud to partner with Quia in the development of our Online Workbooks and Laboratory Manuals to accompany many of our textbooks. Carefully integrated with the textbook material, these robust digital versions of the print supplements are easy for students to use and great for instructors who want to manage students' coursework online.

Some of our published titles and titles currently in development include:


Deux mondes: A Communicative Approach , Fifth Edition (2005)
Vis- à -vis : Beginning French , Third Edition (2004)


Deutsch: Na klar! An Introductory German Course , Fourth Edition (2004)
Kontakte: A Communicative Approach , Fifth Edition (2005)


Prego! An Invitation to Italian , Sixth Edition (2004)


¡Avance! Intermediate Spanish (2004)
Dos mundos , Fifth Edition (2002)
Dos mundos: En breve , Second Edition (2003)
Entrevistas: An Introduction to Language and Culture , Second Edition (2005)
Pasajes: Lengua , Fifth Edition (2002)
Puntos de partida: An Invitation to Spanish , Seventh Edition (2005)
Puntos en breve: A Brief Course (2003)
¿Sabías que... ? Beginning Spanish (2004)
Vistazos: Un curso breve (2002)

To view a current list of our available Online Workbooks and Laboratory Manuals and to preview the demo chapters, click here.

To find out more about the co-developers of these products, click here or visit their website at


The following workbook/laboratory manual is also available for purchase. It is available both in CD-ROM and an online format.

¿Qué tal? An Introductory Course, Sixth Edition (2003)

Available on CD-ROM and online, the Workbook/Laboratory Manual to accompany ¿Qué tal? is published in two volumes. To access a demo of the online version, click here. Type in the sign-in name demo and password demo to begin viewing the site.

To find out more about the co-developers of these products, visit their website at


Interactive CD-ROMs

Available for purchase with many of our beginning and intermediate language titles, our award-winning interactive CD-ROMs are engaging and pedagogically-sound tools that help students learn and practice a second language. Featuring additional practice not found within the textbook or other supplementary materials, our text-specific CD-ROMs are loaded with graphics, images, audio, video, and interactive activities and games that provide an excellent resource for students of all levels and abilities.

While each text-specific CD-ROM is different, based on the goals and pedagogy of the main text, many of them include the following elements:

  • Extensive vocabulary and grammar practice, coordinated with the chapters of the main text
  • Cultural readings and practice, including cultural videos (when applicable)
  • Other video materials that correspond to the video program to accompany the text, including speaking practice (when applicable)
  • Reading and writing exercises
  • A link to the text-specific Online Learning Center website
  • A host of general resources, including glossaries, verb charts, help, and more

To find out more about whether an interactive CD-ROM accompanies your textbook, please consult the textbook's preface or website, or contact your local McGraw-Hill sales representative.


Online Learning Centers (OLCs)

Our Online Learning Center websites bring the world of second-language learning directly into students' lives and enrich their language-learning experience through a myriad of resources and activities. As all textbooks are different, so too are their accompanying Online Learning Centers, each containing resources for students and instructors that will best enhance the learning and teaching experience for that particular program.

Here is a brief description of the three main sections of each Online Learning Center website.

  • Information Center In the Information Center, you can learn all there is to know about a book and its supplementary materials. In most Information Centers, you can find a feature summary, what's new to a revision, the table of contents, the book preface, a list of supplements, and much more.
  • Student Edition The Student Edition of our websites contains many resources for students that will enrich their language learning experience, such as vocabulary and grammar quizzes, cultural activities with authentic links to outside Web resources, and other materials specific to the language and to the textbook program. On many of our Spanish and French sites (and coming soon on German sites!), students receive free access to daily news feeds from a variety of newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

    Some of our Online Learning Centers may contain premium content. While the type of premium content will differ on each site, some examples include the audio program to accompany the Workbook/Laboratory Manual, video materials, interactive activities and tutorials, and so forth. A passcode is required to access a site's premium content. If your text's Online Learning Center contains premium content, the passcode is bound in to the front of every new textbook purchased, thus granting access to the premium content free of charge. The passcode is unique to each student and thus cannot be shared. If students have purchased a used copy of the text and wish to access the site's premium content, they will be prompted to purchase the passcode online.

  • Instructor Edition Many of our Online Learning Centers contain a wealth of resources for instructors, such as Instructor's Manuals, digital transparencies, PowerPoint slides, professional resource links, and more. As all sites are different, some may contain more resources than others.

    Due to the sensitive nature of some instructor content, the Instructor Editions are password-protected. Please contact your local McGraw-Hill sales representative for a username and password to accompany your site.

Tesoros: A Multimedia-Based Course on CD-ROM

Continuing its reputation as a developer of innovative language materials, McGraw-Hill is proud to present Tesoros: A Multimedia-Based Course. The core content of this beginning Spanish program is delivered on a set of five interactive CD-ROMs. The premise of Tesoros is an engaging mystery-based story that motivates students to learn Spanish in a medium that is captivating, pedagogically sound, and fun. A complete set of support materials, including textbook, workbook/laboratory manual, and audio program, round out the Tesoros package.

Here is a list of some of the many exciting features of Tesoros:

  • Tesoros offers an interactive learning environment that motivates students to interact with language in unique ways. Students are motivated by the mystery of the treasure hunt and the engaging storyline and characters that keep student interest and facilitate instructors's objectives and goals in the classroom.
  • This project was developed in partnership with Boecilla editora Multimedia (BeM), a software development company in Valladolid, Spain. Through this partnership with BeM and our own Al corriente author, Robert Blake, McGraw-Hill is the first to offer a CD-ROM-based program for the beginning Spanish market.
  • The course content is delivered via CD-ROM through a mystery storyline, one in which the student plays an active role. The story is presented via animated cartoon drawings of the characters and takes students to numerous countries in the Spanish-speaking world. As students complete each lesson they will also cover the standard scope and sequence of grammatical structures that are found in first year materials.
  • As schools continue to develop distance learning programs and look for alternative ways to reduce the number of contact hours, Tesoros will offer an exciting and viable solution.
  • The Tesoros CD-ROM is also a perfect supplement to any beginning Spanish program that wants to add a significant multimedia component to their course. Some instructors may choose to "switch" mediums and move from a video-based course to a CD-ROM based course like Tesoros.
  • The CD-ROM User's Guide is a handbook that provides guidance for use and additional exercises and activities, and is a perfect supplement for the school that chooses to use the Tesoros CD-ROM as a stand-alone product with another textbook. The Tesoros Student CD-ROM program and CD-ROM User's Guide are available at a discount when packaged together.

To learn more about this exciting new program, visit the Tesoros Online Learning Center.


Bilingual Dictionaries and Writing Software

McGraw-Hill is proud to partner with Ultralingua to offer interactive bilingual dictionaries for Spanish, French, and German and writing software for Spanish and French, all available on CD-ROM. Here is a brief description of each:

Sans faute / Ultralingua: The Sans faute writing software contains a simple word processor, hyperlinked grammar reference, interactive grammar and spelling verification, and information about verb conjugations and formation of plurals. It's a great tool for students of French at all levels. The Ultralingua portion of the software is a bilingual French-English dictionary that contains over 120,000 terms.

Sin falta: Spanish Writing Software: This Spanish writing software contains a word processor with a Spanish thesaurus, spell-checker, and grammar reference. It also contains a bilingual Spanish-English dictionary with over 250,000 entries! This software is an essential tool for Spanish students at all levels.

Ultralingua en español: This bilingual Spanish-English dictionary contains over 180,000 terms, tables for metric-U.S. weights and measures, a hyperlinked grammar reference, a number-to-text converter, and more! This unique dictionary is an ideal resource for Spanish students at all levels.

Ultralingua auf Deutsch: This bilingual German-English dictionary contains over 120,000 terms, a reverse translation feature, tables for metric-U.S. weights and measures, and a hyperlinked grammar reference! This unique dictionary is an ideal resource for German students at all levels.

Pricing information on these essential language resources is available from your local McGraw-Hill sales representative.

Bookmark this page and return later for updates on exciting new multimedia products available from McGraw-Hill World Languages.


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